Good Dough.

Good dough has taken Jacksonville by storm. When they first opened the line was 100 deep. They are continuing the buzz by dropping new flavors like a new Drake album. I’m talking french toast, creme brûlée, peach streusel, s’mores, and PB & J bomb to name a few. Thats not all, they’re also stepping their coffee game up with a matcha and cinnamon toast crunch latte. I got to try the peach streusel and french toast doughnuts and these are two of the best yet. My friend Christina has a peach tree and gave me some a few weeks ago. I had the idea of a peach cobbler doughnut and we put our hearts together to create this peachy masterpiece.

So many flavors, so little time. S’mores and the PB & J bomb are currently on my hit list. Check out and follow them on Instagram – @good.dough to get the latest updates!

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Check out the video I did for Good dough: