Vernon’s @ TPC Sawgrass Marriot – 8/8/15



My friend Brit told me she got invited to a special dinner at TPC Sawgrass. I quickly asked if she had a plus one or na? She said na and my heart sunk. I got the contact info for the organizer and told her about #NOMNOMJAX and the rest was history. Remember kids you won’t get what you deserve, you will get what you negotiate. When I hear TPC I think about nice grass, Tiger Woods, and fancy people drinking. I had high apple pie in the sky hopes for TPC Sawgrass, lets hope they live up to they hype.

AAA_3350We started in the beautiful downstairs lobby at the bar.  This was the massive boardroom table with housemate biscuits, pimento cheese, charcuterie, boiled peanuts and bourbon drank galore.





Extra Luxardo Cherries – these shit on Filthy Cherries spend the extra mula and live a little


So we tried all 3 drinks. I ate half a biscuit and a piece of meat and cheese. Then they said ok time to go upstairs to Vernon’s. When I stood up it was like The Matrix. It felt like I was dodging bullets, but I just standing up. Shit I was drunk AF and there was about 20 stairs ahead of me. I looked at my friend Brit, giggled, then looked up at the never ending stairs. I had to channel my inner strength, I told myself…you have one job Nate, you have one job….hold the fking rail, hold that fking rail and get up those stairs. Hand on rail, I check on Brit and she is holding to me…lol. Got to top of the stairs like Rocky Balboa!


The Dreaded Stairs






Bread IMG_0687

Course 1


Course 2


Wine for days





Foodies in their natural habitat

IMG_0722IMG_0747 \ AAA_3380 IMG_0738 




View from the 2nd floor


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