A new Chinese restaurant is coming!

My friend needed to borrow a camera for a photoshoot. This photoshoot was for food,so of course  I invited myself. This restaurant is located on Southside Blvd. near Target and Academy. If you know the history of this spot, you know that it’s cursed. It was either a shitty buffet or a dim sum spot. The inside looks just like Rush Hour or a Kill Bill fight scene.

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I had the absolute lowest expectations for the food that was going to come out, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first dish comes out and it’s lamb, beautiful presentation on one of the coolest plates that i’ve ever seen. It was cooked perfectly and tasted great, but my expectations were still low. Then beautiful plate after  beautiful plate came out. A deconstructed lobster dish comes out and I’m intrigued.

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I ask myself: Could it be? An amazing new authentic chinese restaurant?? We had to wait for about 20 dishes before trying anything. They set up a Game of Thrones kings table with every course and we all feasted. They kept telling me this isn’t your typical chinese restaurant and they made me a believer. This is like New York Chinatown transplant. One of chefs told me that this was just a warm up and that the best has yet to come. If this is a preview, they will kill it, and finally bring some justice to this cursed spot. The kicker? They have tricked out Karaoke rooms too.

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